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How To Build Muscle Vegetarian Style

September 15, 2009

Just before I tackle the main purpose of this article which is to show how to build muscle vegetarian style I will briefly outline the different types of vegetarians. Vegans won’t eat dairy products or any other products of animals, pesco-vegetarians will cosume fish and other dairy products whereas lacto-ovo vegetarians will both consume milk and eat eggs but won’t eat meat. There are a few more sub categories but that is enough detail for the purposes of this article.

Why choose to be a vegetarian?

Well due to the dangers of the food that none vegetarians eat, vegetarians actually have a decreased risk of a variety of diseases such as: coronary artery disease, hypertension, cancers and diabetes mellitus. As you can see the reasons for becoming vegetarian are quite compelling and that is before we even talk about the idealistic side of things such as saving animals, keeping food available for others, saving the rainforest, being more enviromentally friendly and so on.

Alright then, as regards protein where am I going to get sufficient muscle building supplies from?

The answer to this question very simply is Soy. Soy actually contains more higher levels of protein than beef and is also a complete protein meaning that it contains all eight essential amino acids. Particularly good sources of soy include: seitan, miso, soy milk, tempeh, textured soy protein and of course tofu. A variety of delicous tasting dishes can be made from these ingredients. Beans, rice, seeds, legumes, nuts and even vegetables are another great supply of amino acids which together should ensure you never get short on protein.

Alright so that is protein deficiency crossed off the myth list now how about vitamins and minerals like: zinc, vitamin D, calcium, iron and vitamin B12?

Well, supplements should be taken by vegans for this. Other types of vegetarians need not worry as B 12 is found in many dairy products. A quality meal replacement powder will ensure that you get sufficient supplies of the others. Of course however many minerals and vitamins are easily available in the form of leafy green vegetables and fruit that you should not overlook if you wish to build muscle up vegetarian style. 

So, overall there are many health benefits to being a vegetarian and being a vegetarian need not prevent you from achieving your bodybuilding goals. Of course planning ahead is crucial however this is just as key for meat eating bodybuilders too. With the above guidelines in mind go ahead and build muscle vegetarian style!!


Add An Inch To Your Arms In 30 Days Or Less!

September 15, 2009

There are many reasons that people want to make their biceps big. For most people going to work involves putting on a shirt and tie. This means that the ripped chest, massive deltoids and defined 6 pack are not visible, however your biceps are. Possibly this is one of the reasons why some people are fascinated with getting huge biceps. It seems a little strange then that lots of people seem to be able to get big pectoral and shoulder muscles but struggle with increasing bicep muscle mass.

Are you also making this common bicep training mistake?

Moving weight that is heavy it what will make your muscles grow. The heavier the weight you lift the greater the strength you will have and so it follows the more muscle mass you will have. However if the bicep muscle is isolated individually it is not easy to shift a great deal of weight. This then makes it more difficult to stimulate muscle growth. In short the wrong exercises are being used by many people to increase their bicep muscle mass.

So how come I see bodybuilders using concentration curls?

Well, concentration curls are not a mass building exercise they are used for shaping already large muscles. If your biceps are not yet of mammoth proportion then you have little muscle to shape so quit doing them!

So what exercises ought I to do for big biceps then?

You have to be moving heavy weight with your biceps to increase their size therefore try, underhand pull-ups, bent over rows and practically any other mulitjoint back exercise. These exercises all move a lot of weight. Yes, that is very true because they stress the biceps whilst also hitting the back muscles. What is more did you ever see anyone with massive biceps but small back muscles? No, big biceps are linked with big back muscles.

So, in summary make use of the major compound back exercises and perhaps standing barbell curls also to give yourself the greatest chance of increasing bicep muscle mass! Steer clear of the concentration curls and other isolation exercises until you do have big muscles.

So if you want to build muscle up on your biceps train your back hard, eat lots and rest plenty! Apply these muscle building tips and you will make your biceps bigger fast.

Build Muscle Up Fast: You Are One Secret Away From Massive Gains!

September 10, 2009

Spending hours in the gym to build muscle up and not making progress? Great news! There is every chance that there is just one reason stopping your from masive gains. Just this simple knowledge can help increase your power to build muscle up. For a lot of people this little known truth can easily help them build muscle up fast.

So precisely what is this well kept secret? A new amazing routine or something?

No certainly not. It has been ignored by many a bodybuilder though it has been known about for a long time.

Exactly what is cortisol?

Produced in response to stress placed on the body cortisol is a hormone released by the body throughout the day. Levels of cortisol decrease steadily througout the day so are lowest in the evening.

what precisely is its role?

Well it increases short term memory, helps rid the liver of toxins and helps regulate blood sugar levels. However it can increase blood pressure and reduce bone density if your cortisol levels are excessive, although this is not normal. However critically it does diminish muscle because it aids in the body using muscle for energy rather than fat. It is for this reason that bodybuilders should keep their workouts down to an hour at most. They will actually be reducing their progress and not increasing it after this time!

Here are a few guidelines to ensure that you are not wasting your time trying to build muscle up:

1) limit your cardio workouts, too much cardio causes the body to release cortisol which as explained is not what we need.

2) Try to not drink too much caffeine as this can also cause corisol levels to rise.

3) Make sure your training sessions are less than an hour. Stay foccussed, consider wearing headphones if this helps.

4) Stress causes the body to release more cortisol too so try to relax, although granted this is easier said than done.

5) Consume small frequent meals as infrequent meals make the body assume it is starving and will thus try and use muscle mass as a form of energy before it makes use of fat reserves by releasing more cortisol.

6) Sleep. This is when your muscle building hormones peak and your cortisol levels are highest so shot for 8 hours sleep.

With those building muscle tips in mind you should be able to give your workouts a great boost and help you to build muscle mass more efficiently.

The Easiest Way To Build Muscle

September 5, 2009

Normally bodybuilding articles talk about how to build muscle up, diet, training workouts, muscle building nutrition and so on, however whilst these are all really important there is one things slightly different I would like to introduce to you and your muscle building armoury. It is the reticular activating system (RAV).

The RAV works alongside the visual parts of our brain and directs our attention to certain things that our sub conscious has programmed into it, to be important to achieve our goals. This sub-conscious program that we have is literally what makes us notice and therefore see, hear and take action on the things that we do on a day to day basis.

Neuroscientists have now proven the vaildity of positive thinking and the law of attraction through various skeptic proof experiments. If you do not know what the law of attraction is it is basically the premise that ‘what you think about, you bring about’ or ‘thoughts become things’. Now previously this was considered a bit to new agey for most people however there is a growing acceptance of this approach worldwide.

Now it doesn’t matter if you take the neuro-scientists approach about it or the metaphysical approach to it because it will work either way. So by programming our subconscious we are able to activate our RAV which in turn will lead us to take the correct steps towards our goals as we will simply be noticing and identifying these things more. Some people will come across strange co-incidences that will help there progress which is not uncommon and often gives this ‘law of attraction’ an unearthly feel whereas the truth is those things were probably there waiting to be found all along!

What can a bodybuilder do to benefit from this? Well think now about your present ongoing thought patterns. What is it precisely that you are saying to yourself on day to day basis. Are they thoughts such as ‘losing weight is impossible for me’ or ‘My muscles won’t grow’ for if they are then that is precisely what your RAV system is selecting for you to notice and take action upon on a day to day basis. It is therefore your everyday sub conscious thought process that you need to alter to positive muscle building thought processes such as: ‘muscle mass come quickly and easily’ or ‘I am getting huge fast’ and so on.

How can you alter these patterns? Here are a couple of things to try:

1)       Visualisation: first you need to set aside 5 minutes or so each day to do this. Simply shut your eyes and visulaise in your minds eye precisely how you want your body to look. Large biceps, lean 6 pack and such like, make sure you are as clear as possible about this vision and hold it with a sense of belief.’

2)       Speak out aloud clearly and confidently simple statements like: I am extremely fit and healthy, I am huge and muscular, I am growing more and more each day and so on.

Do these daily. It will take a minimum of 30 days to start over riding your old thought patterns and to imprint the new ones but it will happen. Following that, don’t stop doing them keep going to continually reaffirm your new thought patterns.

If you don’t believe that this stuff works then I suggest that you browse through a few sportsmens autobiographies or sports studies books, I gaurantee that you will find these discussed in great depth, particularly visualisation which is a riculously effective technique that should get daily usage!

Ok with these positive thoughts and feelings in mind, go build muscle mass!

Eye Popping Muscle Gains With These 3 Sure Fire Tips

September 5, 2009

Most people are aware nowadays of the most common guidelines to build muscle up fast so here we are going to focus on a few of the more overlooked pieces of advice that are gauranteed to put you on the fast track to muscle mass.

1) Do not workout for more than 45 minutes at once. This is because training for long periods of time causes the body to release a hormone called cortisol. This hormone induces the body to ignore carbohydrate and fat stores as a form of energy and uses the bodys muscle sinstead. For sure this is not what you want. What’s more the testosterone level which promotes muscle growth falls at about the 45 minute mark aswell. This particular combination will stop your muscles growing for sure. So get into the gym workout hard and intensley and then get out. Cortisol levels are also much lower when you are sleep so sllep for aslong as you can and make the most of this muscle building time.

2) Perform squats. This is the greatest exercise for allround muscle mass but you don’t often see people doing it in the gym? Not too much. This exercise is truly a whole body exercise requiring extreme effort in the entire leg muscles, back and also the upper body muscles in terms of maintaining balance of the body, gripping the bar and keeping good posture throughout. It obviously creates huge quad muscles but also your back muscles are stressed a great deal and can also help build bigger biceps too as they help keep the bar steady. You can also really use a lot of weight on this exercise which is great for packing on mass. What is more it has a unique and powerful systemic effect and uses the aerobic system a lot. If you have probelms doing this exercise then the only exercise that comes anywhere near close is the deadlift.

3) As regards building muscle up less is most definitly more. Most people struggle to eat enough calories to put on muscle. To build muscle up a surplus amount of calories are required to build muscle up. if you workout intensley then you ought to consume a great deal of calories. A lot of people simply do not do this and therefore they never grow. Taking on board more calories is going to help but by also reducing the amount of training you do you will also reduce the amount of calories you require to build muscle up. as mentioned before your session should last no longer then 45 -50 minutes and you can still stimulate lots of muscle growth in less time than this also. You might also want to do some aerobic workouts to maintain good general health which I agree with but don’t do a lot because this style of workout will again decrease that amount of calories available for muscle building.

If you have not previously been doing any of these three things then put these weight gain tips into action starting today and I am sure that you will see the difference very soon.

7 Little Known Tips That Build Muscle Up

August 30, 2009

Depending on where you look there is a lot of great information out there on how to build muscle up. However here are a few tips that you may not have come across before yet are extremely powerful. Here they are:

Try drinking green tea. This can inhibit the enzyme that inhibits nor-epinephrine which mean that you should experience raised levels of this muscle building metabolic hormone which can also aid in weight loss. It is also packed full of antioxidants which are great for general health and also for post workout recovery.

Consume healthy fats. These are critical to the safe functioning of many part sof the body such as the heart, brain, energy production and hormone regulation. Great sources of this are: oily fish, natural peanut butter, avocado,  and oily dressings.

Ingest casein protein. This specific protein is digested by the body very slowly and is therefore released in to the body gradually. This is great news if you consume it just before retiring to bed as your body can then use it to build muscle up whilst you sleep.

Ingest between 20 and 30 grams of whey protein as soon as you can on waking. Upon rising take a protein shake. This will put a stop to the catabolic state of your body that you may have been in during your sleep and give you a good start on hitting your protein target for the day.

On body parts you find difficult to grow try using dropsets. This is a severely intense technique that can trigger muscle growth even in very hard to grow muscles. Firstly, complete your set as you would normally and when you have pushed out your final rep lower the weight by around 20 percent and perform more reps, then decrease the weight once again and do more reps. Continue repeating this process as many times as you can bear but the next day you are likely to experience significant muscle soreness and a tremendous burn at the time.

Take on board lots of water. Do not underestimate the benefits of reaming well hydrated during the day. water is very important for a great deal of chemical reactions in the body especially muscle building reactions.

Continue to learn and educate yourself. There a great variety of alternative strategies to develop your physique. try out alternative methods and find out which one helps you build muscle the most.

So, by applying some of the above weight gain tips you should be able to build muscle mass even faster than before. Good luck.

The Essential Weight Gain Tips

August 26, 2009

Muscle building nutritionis actually very simple and is a major factor in your bodybuilding success. However a good deal of people seem to struggle to put together a decent effective muscle building diet. Therefore here a set of straightforward easily implementable rules will be outlined that anyone can use and make progress with. Here they are:

1) Eat 5-7 small meals each day. This give your muscle a constant supply of energy and lowers tha chances of your body retaining food a fat. Get rid of your mindset of 3 meals a day. This is definitly one of the most important weight gain tips going.

2) Every meal needs to contain at least 30 grams of protein and also a lot of quality carbohydrate. carbs are easily found in rice, potatoes and bread. Great protein sources are tuna, red meats, egg whites and milk.

3) Make use of supplements. The most basic supplement required is a whey protein supplement that should be taken immediately after training and prior to sleeping.

4) Avoid simple sugary carbohydrates. whilst they give you an immediate boost of energy after a few minutes your energy will fall right back down again. It can upset your insulin metabolism and also increase that chances of fat storage.

5) Avoid fats and too much salt. Good fats originating from olive oil, peanut butter and fish are healthy for you and ought to be included in your diet however fats originating from vegetable oil, butter and animal fats need to be removed totally, that takes any junk food out of the equation too!

6) Eat a pre workout meal. This should consist of a decent amount of complex carbs and also protein about an hour before your training session. this will give you energy for your workout and also mean protein is available immediately for muscle growth and repair.

7) Ensure decent post workout nutrition. Carbs and protein are essential at this time due to that fact that the muscle have just been broken down. A whey protein shake is ideal for this. Be sure to get 40 grams of protein at this critical time.

8) Always drink enough water. This is undoubtedly the most crucial part of your diet. The quality of your muscle tissue depends upon this and it is essential for for all the bodies chemical reactions to take place.

And finally, make sure you are eating plenty of calories. To build muscle up you need to have spare calories this means eating more than you work off. You are not going to add a shred of muscle if you do not consume enough calories. There you have it follow the above rules train hard and you will build muscle mass for sure!