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Build Muscle The Easy Way

September 30, 2009

There are many advice columns, hyped up products, infomercials, e-books and so on all giving advice about the newest latest and easiest ways to build muscle. So if there are so many different ways to build muscle then why is it so difficult for people to do so? Well the answer is partly in the question. With so much conflicting and individualistic advice about, both on the net and in bookstores and magazines, how on earth is someone new to bodybuilding supposed to know what to do?

Whilst some of this advice is good some of it is less so and may not be particularly relevant for the new bodybuilder who really needs to simply get the basics down. So with that in mind here are three sure fire steps to help anyone build muscle easily.

1) Train intensely. Ensure that in your program you use the multi-joint mass building exercises that follow: deadlifts, rows, squats, benchpresses and pull ups. These time proven exercises will help you build muscle mass easily. Steer away from exercises that isolate individual muscle groups, these are usually not designed for packing on mass but more for carving definition and toning up. Get in the gym, workout vigorously for 45 minutes, stay focused and then get out.

2) Pay attention to muscle building nutrition. For many years experienced trainers have been quoted as saying that 80% of bodybuilding success is down to correct muscle building nutrition. This is still true today! As a rule of thumb 50% of your food should be from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and the rest made of fats.

The following source of food come highly recommended, for carbs: rice, potatoes, pasta, brown breads. Good sources of protein include: chicken, milk, turkey, beef and fish, particularly mackerel and tuna. naturally these foods will supply all the fats that you need. If you really wish to boost your progress and have the money available then try taking the following: whey protein, essential fatty, acids, creatine and a good multi-vitamin product.

3) Rest. Muscle grow whilst you are asleep and at rest so it therefore comes as know surprise that you need to spend quality time resting. This sounds very simple and it is, yet the amount of people that train too much and do not give their bodies adequate time to eat is enormous. Most people will find that two workouts per week are sufficient.

Ok, I said it was simpie and it is. If you just stick to those basics you too can build muscle easy. basically that is all you need to know, although you can delve much much deeper of course into all of these topic areas. Now with those things in mind, ensure correct muscle building nutrition, train hadr and intensely and give yourself time to recover!

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  1. February 24, 2010 11:11 pm

    Interesting read. Yeah I also think that rest is important when you build up muscles. Same goes for drinking lots of water and eating much. It doesn’t need to be hard 😉

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