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Muscle Building Secrets

September 25, 2009

There is much advice floating around both on and offline about how to build muscle fast. As a personal trainer myself here are a few little known facts, building muscle tips and secrets that I personally consider worth your while contemplating on your quest to build muscle mass:

I often hear that you should train each muscle group just once a week. Although this might produce solid progress for extreme hardgainers it is not going to be true for most people. Sure, you should steer clear of overtraining but like most things in life you won’t improve at something by practicing it only once per week, this is true to a certain degree in bodybuilding too. You need to train each muscle more than once a week, probably twice per week being suitable for most bodybuilders. Ideally you should rotate your workouts through periods when you are near overtraining and periods where you near undertraining. This provides times when there is a lot of stress for the body to handle and other times when the body has more time to recover and build momentum for another push. This will prevent you from hitting training plateaus.

Make sure your workouts last no longer than 45 mintues. If you deem that time limit to short then possibly your workout is not short enough or you are not staying focussed and working out intensely. If you really focus on quality and intensity and avoiding distractions 45 minutes ought to be plenty. If your training session lasts more than this then testosterone levels fall significantly because of the increased cortisol production which actually causes the body to eat muscle tissue plus store fat. exactly the opposite to what we want.

Ideally you should cycle your training. after a while your body adapts to a routine so that it no longer stimulates growth. You should try to switch your routine a little bit before gains start to diminish. You should also try not to alter your routine too often either. Doing so could confuse your bodies muscles overly so and stop it working its way into a nice groove.

It is unlikely that you will make significant gains if you don’t perform the correct exercises. The right exercises are exercises that allow you to perform multi-joint movements and are know as compound exercises. The number one exercises being: bench presses, rows, squats, pull ups, shoulder presses plus any exercise that moves your entire body through air ie, not just moving individual limbs. If you use these exercises, with a few of their variations and correct muscle building nutrition then you can’t help but stimulate muscle mass growth. With those guidelines in mind, go pump some iron, eat correctly and get huge.

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